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Experiencing obstacles in life can be overcome. There is so much happening in our communities that we must roll up our sleeves and dig right in. Teenage suicide & pregnancy, foster care programs, trafficking, drug abuse, and domestic violence are all happening in our world today right on our own street. Let’s clean up our own yards and fix this from the inside out.

My Show is to enlighten the world that Pattie Sadler is smart, hilarious, compassionate and inspiring. Through comedy and reporting, and family approved entertainment, from awe inspiring guests as well as a DR. PHIL feel to a part, a cooking demonstration and a giveaway as well as tear jerking moments to change people’s lives

Pattie SadlerTalk Show Host

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I have a vision to create unity in our communities that will bring about major change, healing hearts from within.

Pattie Sadler

Founder and CEO of New Life Clarity Project

has a talent for motivating and inspiring others to find clarity in their own lives to envision a better way.
A consultant, Business Strategist, Talk Show Host, CEO NLCP, Wife, Mother and Grandmother she has shown that it is possible to have a better life. After experiencing such obstacles, as drug abuse, domestic violence, incarceration and traumatic loss of children, Pattie has an important message to share that these things can be overcome. Her message is that with courage and unconditional love and faith in God, a positive and healthy, contributive life is possible. She enjoys an active lifestyle nurturing relationships with parents, children, grandchildren, and new members of her family as she has reconnected with all parts of her being, biologically, spiritually, socially.

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